Events in Normandy 2023. Part 4 - August

This is the fourth of our series of events taking place in Normandy in 2023 and with so much going on in the rummer we have given over a whole post to August events.

Major Events in Normandy in August 2023

1. Domfront Medieval Fair: 5th-6th August 2023

Domfront is a medieval town in the Orne Department of Normandy to the south of the gite and it hosts a medieval fair over the weekend of Aug 5th-6th 2023. Expect to see exhibitions of jousting, markets, a banquet and more besides. You can also visit the ruins of the château and admire the half timbered buildings of the town.

Medival Weekend at Domfront, Normandy

2. Polo at Deauville - various tournaments in August

Polo is played all summer at Deauville but in August there are 3 tournaments major:
COUPE D’OR - 5th - 26th Aug: 14/16 Goals
LADIES POLO CUP - 9th - 12th Aug: 10/14 Goals
COUPE DE BRONZE - 14th - 27th Aug: 6/8 Goals
For anyone not familiar with polo the "goals" mentioned above denote the level of quality of the players. Each player has a handicap based on how good they are and this ranges from beginners at -2 up to 10 for the very best players. The handicaps of all players is totalled for the team and it should fall within the goals set for the match. Therefore the highest quality tournament above is the Coupe d'or (The Gold Cup) and the highest any one team can have is a handicap of 40.
Polo match

3. International Three Day Eventing at the Haras du Pin - 2 dates in August

August also has more large equine events in August, this time 3 day eventing at Le Haras du Pin. Riders from all over the world are expected with riders from all over the world expected to take part:
The FEI Eventing European Championship will take place between the 9th and the 13th August.
Le Grand Complet will take place between the 17th and 20th August.
For horse enthusiasts these are the only major eventing events in Normandy and should not be missed. Would you like to to be there?

Horse trials, cross-country

4. Fête Foraine Foire d'été de Dieppe - 11th-26th August

This large fair takes place over a 2 week period in August. Expect some giant scary rides and plenty to get that adrenalin rush! Are you brave enough to try them?

Giant Fair at Dieppe, August

5. Medieval Fair at the Château de Falaise - 12-13th August

Falaise was the birthplace of William the Conqueror and every August the château of his birth hosts a grand medieval fair. Expect to see parades, archery, games, a market and lots more besides. You can also explore Williams's reconstructed castle where the use of hand-held tablets help bring this fortified castle to life.

Chateau de Falaise, birthplace of William the Conqueror and host to a medieval fair in August
Château de Falaise - birthplace of William the Conqueror

6. Festival des Voiles de Travail, Granville - 23rd-27th August

The word Voile is the French for sails and this is a maritime festival celebrating the huge importance the sea has played on the town of Granville. It takes place is a special exhibition village on the fishing quay of the town. Events will include seafood tasting, demonstrations on making sea salt, concerts, films, street music and a parade of tall ships.


7. Festival des Traversée Tatihou - 30th August - 1st September

Tatihou is an island off the Normandy coast which, at low tide, is accessible by foot. The Traversées Tatihou is a "music of the sea" festival, which takes place on the island and is timed so festival goers reach and leave the island on foot ie they traverse the sea! Those performing at the festival come from France and abroad and they all have links to the sea, the islands and the shores of their home countries.

Festival Les Traversées de Tatihou, Normandy

Do any of these events interest you? If yes, then all are accessible from Eco-Gites of Lénault and we do have some availability in the second half of August.  large events do however, take place all year round in Normandy and you can find more details in these events blogs - January to April and May/June and July.

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Major events in Normandy August 2023