Eco-Gites of Lenault, a dog-friendly gite in Normandy

Well behaved dogs welcome

With miles of footpaths starting right from our back gate Eco-Gites of Lenault is a great place to bring your dog on holiday to Normandy.  We can provide you with local maps and packs of walking trails to help you explore the local countryside.  If you wish to take your dog to the beach there are some where you can go all year round and the more popular ones allow dogs between October and March.  Some restaurants and most bars allow dogs although it is advisable to check first.  There are more details on this blog post I wrote - Dog-friendly beaches in Normandy.

We can accept a maximum of 2 dogs and charge 20€ per dog per week.  (Please note we cannot accommodate puppies under a year of age)

Please remember to bring your dog's own bed(s).  We ask that dogs do not go on the furniture nor upstairs and can provide a stair gate if needed.  We have plenty of old dog towels if you need to dry your dog off.

We do not feel it is fair to leave a dog alone in an unfamiliar gite but we may be able to dog-sit if you want to leave your dog(s) here.  Please ask and we'll do our best to help.

Please remember to scoop the poops and place the bagged offerings in the outdoor bin we provide.

At the gite we have a variety of farm animals including sheep, pigs, cats and poultry and the local fields are home to many herds of cows.  We also have our own dog who is very friendly. 

If you are looking for a firework-free holiday around Nov 5th or New Year we make a good option as we are 2kms from the village and have never seen fireworks let off locally on these dates.  The only date you may see fireworks is July 14th, Bastille Day and even then, only in the larger towns.

Do check before travelling with a dog from the UK that you have all the relevant papers and vaccinations.  There are more details on this UK Government site.  If you are returning to the UK you will need to visit the vet shortly before your return and we are happy to arrange an appointment for you with our local vet who speaks enough English for you to get by if you don't speak French!