We have sheep


Each spring we buy in one or 2 ewes and some lambs and the start of our mini flock arrived last week.  At the moment we have a ewe and 2 lambs and hope to get either another ewe or a couple more lambs in the near future.  So please welcome, from left to right, Sheldon, Leonard and Mrs Wolowitz.  Answers on a postcard as to why they are so named ...

Our sheep at Eco-Gites of Lenault

Our lambs at Eco-Gites of Lenault

I am also currently looking after a poorly lamb belonging to a friend.  His mother refused to feed him so he is being bottle fed.  Sadly he has an infection called joint ill so as well as 4 daily bottles of milk I am also injecting him with anitbiotics once a day.  Fingers crossed he'll recover as he is the sweetest thing.  Meet Tiny Tim:


Sheep are rather prone to giving up on life easily so precautions are needed to keep them alive - my lot will be getting a worm dose and tick treatment tomorrow so wish me luck - they are notoriously difficult to catch! 

I have to admit to finding sheep quite hard to look after but as we all love eating lamb and mutton I will persevere with them.  Are you a sheep lover or do you prefer them on your plate?