September Events in Normandy #7 - Seafood Festival in Granville

This is the final day of my mini series of events running through September in Normandy.  So far I have blogged about The American Film Festival, the Foire Millenial de Sainte-Croix, The Game of Thrones Tapestry visiting Bayeux, the Fromage Festival at Neufchatel, the Cidre et Dragon Festival and European Heritage Days with over 5000 sites in Normandy taking part.  Today I give you another festival, this time a seafood festival in Granville called "Festival des coquillages : Toute la Mer sur un plateau" (Shellfish Festival - all the sea on a plate).  The Festival takes place on September 28th and 29th 2019.

Seafood Festival at Granville, Normandy
Granville is one of France's most important ports for landing shellfish and the festival will celebrate this marine harvest with around 50 exhibitors, demonstrations and cooking workshops led by chefs.  There will also be sea songs, a shellfish market and plenty of restaurant stalls.  A more detailed programme will be released in due course.

Simon and I first visited Granville before we lived over here and found a lovely restaurant down by the harbour.  The boys, then aged 2 and 3, both promptly fell asleep and we were able to enjoy a delicious seafood dinner like adults who didn't have a young family!  I've just checked and the restaurant is still there with the same chef - I can therefore highly recommend Le Restaurant du Port should you happen to be in Granville.

What seafood would you choose from the menu?  I love sardines and scallops and Simon is a mussels and skate lover.

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