Posh Dog Beds at The Château de Vendeuvre, Normandy

You might happen to search online for Posh Dog Beds you will see that there are thousands of the poshest of posh beds out there just for your pampered pooch!   This craze of giving your pet an over the top bed is not new and goes back to the the French aristocrats of Pre-Revolution France who, with more money than they knew what to do with and with a taste for showing off, created some of the most extravagant beds for their beloved pets (dogs and cats).

You can view some a fabulous collection of these creations at Le Château de Vendeuvre just less than an hour east of the gite which houses a museum packed full of these creations.  You are not allowed to take photos inside the museum but as you walk into the building you are greeted by this magnificent dog kennel which will give you a taste of what you might find inside.

Dog Kennel at The Château de Vendeuvre, Normandy, France

The French aristocracy believed that nothing but the best was acceptable for their pets and this was reflected in the decadence and variety of the beds - travel beds, beach kennels, kennels with various compartments and even those to match the furniture of the room were all created by the best artisans.  Velvet, gilding, bronze - it was all there for their pets!  For a taste of some of the extravagant offerings do visit this page on the castle website - The Collection of Dog Kennels at Le Château de Vendeuvre.

I plan to blog more about this wonderful Château and its gardens very soon.  It is well worth a visit with much to see including a world famous collection of the very finest miniature furniture and large gardens to walk around with watery surprises for the unsuspecting visitor!   If you go in the irregular maze you will find this fabulous horse statue.   There was no information with it: I think it was made from driftwood but I have no idea why it was there although I have to say I am very glad it was - it was stunning (and life sized!)

Wooden Horse statue at the Château de Vendeuvre, Normandy, France

So what does your dog (or cat) sleep in?   Saari makes do with a second hand bed given to us by a friend in which I throw a variety of old eiderdowns and duvets.  She is quite happy with that arrangement but I am not letting her see this post just in case she starts getting ideas above her station!

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