Our Ram needs a Name


A friend and I have joined forces to get ourselves a small flock of sheep which will graze both her fields and ours.  We have 5 ewes with a total of 8 lambs who are currently grazing her fields although some will head over here soon.  And at the weekend we took ownership of our ram.  He is a Suffolk so has a good sturdy form and black face and will stay in one of our paddocks at the gite until he goes in with the ewes in late summer.

Our new ram at Eco-Gites of Lenault

He's a handsome fellow and he needs a name.  I have already had a Rammy/Rambo (we could never decide what to call him so he had both names!) so all other ideas will be considered.  Please do pop your suggestion for our new ram in a comment below.  Personally, I was wondering about Ram McRamFace 😉

UPDATE - the French for ram is bélier so we have decided to call him Bertie Bélier!

He appears to be very friendly, enjoying a head scratch when I pass his paddock and very partial to potato peelings of all things!.  I sincerely hope he stays calm as rams can become very difficult and being powerful animals can easily injure some-one.  After a couple of years, Rammy took a dislike to me and the day he decided to try and head butt me when I was in the middle of the field with nothing to protect me but a bucket of water, was the day I decided to sell him on.  He was a beautiful creature, half Jacob, which meant her had a stunning set of horns.  Of course that also meant that had he head butted me he could easily have lacerated and/or broken my leg.  I was saved that time by chucking the bucket of water over him but I was not prepared to risk such an attack again.  Annoyingly he was absolutely fine with everyone else!

hin the valley below Eco-Gites of Lenault in Normandy, France

In other farm news, Harriet the duck is sitting on her eggs (9 in total) and I think that maybe Simon was right and the other female duck I have is Hilda.  Whoever she is though, she isn't laying!  So fingers crossed Harriet sits tight for the necessary 35 days.

Oh and we have had Moo for just over a year.  I can't believe it's a year since that little bag of bones decided to make us her home but I am so glad she did.  I'll save more Moo updates for another post.

Moo - the cat who came to live at Eco-Gites of Lenault

Moo a year on!