Meet our New Dog


For a while now we have been looking for another dog.  We realised Saari needed some more company and always looked miserable when other visiting dogs left to go home.  So we started having a look at the websites of dog refuges.  Simon found a possible dog called Bouncer and went to have a look at him ... but he really did live up to his name and was just a bit too bouncy for us (and Saari).  He wasn't right for us but we have since heard he has found a new home in Brittany with another very energetic dog.  A happy ending for him.

A few weeks later I saw another refuge mention on a local Facebook group that they had a couple of Labrador crosses available for re-homing.  Without even checking with Simon I quickly messaged the lady to see if they were still available.  One had already been re-homed but the other was still waiting and the lady also mentioned she had another dog ready to go to a new home - a Boxer cross something!

We booked a date as soon as we could and went to visit Louise (the Lab cross) and Morgan (the Boxer cross).

And then, on my goodness, what a difficult decision we had to make.  All four of us loved both of them but we knew it was not practical for us to take both.  We definitely wanted one of them and Saari happily played with both.  But which one should we take? 

We said we would go home and have a family chat and let the refuge know the next day.  However, in many ways our choice was made for us because as we walked back up the drive one of them just trotted alongside us and we had to really push this dog back at the gate to stop them joining us straight away.

And that is how we came to get our new dog .... Morgan, the Boxer crossed with what we think might be Labrador!

Morgan, the Boxador

He has had an interesting journey to get to us.  He was taken from the streets of a town in NW Spain and put in the dog pound where he was found to be unchipped and was not claimed.  Due to there being too many dogs in the pound he was on the list to be put down but a local local lady heard of his plight and managed to save him with just a day to spare.  He was then sent to the refuge in Normandy where it was hoped he had a better chance of being re-homed and kept there until he was ready. 

So a few weeks on, how is he settling in? All we can say is really well!  Saari adores him and they play together loads.  He is such a fast learner and just wants to please us by getting things right.  He does still need to be better behaved around other dogs as he is TOO friendly and wants to rush up to them.  He is also a terrible food thief but then he was a street dog and he may never lose that - Saari never has.  Oh and he has learnt to open the front door which isn't ideal as he hasn't learnt to shut it behind him!

All in all we are exceptionally pleased with our choice ... the fact we were thinking about a smaller dog is something we have conveniently forgotten about ... and a lesser moulting one would have been nice but when balanced against what a fabulous fellow his we can ignore with those facts!  Oh and I have wanted a tabby cat for ages but have only had grey and white or black ones ... so a tabby ie brindle Boxador kind of makes up for that.