Little Things in the Garden


They say little things please little minds and I can certainly agree that it is the little things that are making me happy in the polytunnel this week:

This little lettuce seedling will soon be ready to be transplanted:

Lettuce seedlings

Just germinated chard seedlings:

Chard seedlings

A courgette seedling:

Courgette seedling

Potatoes peeping through (and weeds!):

Young potato plant

Turnip seedlings:

Turnip seedlings

Flowers on my overwintereing mibuna plants.  Mibuna is an oriental vegetable and I have left a couple to go to flower hoping the scent from them will attract bees into the polytunnel to pollinate my broad beans.

Oriental greens in flower

Outside it is all still a very different story with hail and rain meaning the soil is too wet and cold to work.  I did manage to get my shallots and onions planted, some broad beans I had started in the polytunnel planted out and some more broad beans sown but I am waiting for more warm and dry weather to really get going.  Come on Spring - I am getting itchy gardening fingers!

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