September Events in Normandy #2 - Foire Millénaire de la Sainte-Croix

Yesterday we gave you film stars, today it's a cattle market!  Well not just cattle, the 'Foire Millénaire de la Sainte-Croix' at Lessay in the Manche region of Normandy is an impressive horse and cattle fair with large fun fair and other events which attracts over 400,000 visitors every year. 

It has run every year since it was started by the monks who built the Abbey over 1000 years ago, including each year through both world wars.  Initially only running for a day it expanded rapidly as local railways were built and now runs over 3 days, this year being from 6th - 8th September.  

Despite its age it has moved with the times - now around 1,500 exhibitors coming from all the French regions with the most modern agricultural machinery exhibited each year.  Over 1,000 horses can be found for sale on the fairgrounds and pedigree Norman Cobs, Percherons, Sport Poneys as well as Anglo-Arab horses are exhibited. Local stock breeders also exhibit  350 cattle from Norman breeds such as Salers,  Blondes d’Aquitaine,  Prim’holsteins and the Montbéliardes.  There are also poultry and dog shows.

Horses for sale at the Foire Millénaire de la Sainte-Croix in Lessay, Normandy

The 400,000 visitors who are expected to attend this year can eat well with many traditional spit roasts and food stalls on site. Food such as roasted mutton, Camembert and local fruit ad vegetables are all available.

Spit roast at the Foire Millénaire de la Sainte-Croix in Lessay, Normandy

And finally thrill seekers are well catered for with a large fairground where you'll find over 100 rides to boost your Adrenalin levels!

What would you  most enjoy at the Fair? Big agricultural machinery, animals, Normandy food or all the fun of the fair?

Photo credits - Ville Lessay

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