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Walk number 4 in our series of walks from the gite takes you across the River Druance to the neighbouring village of Saint-Vigor-des-Mézerets and returns via the other side of our small valley. It includes a small diversion to the church in Saint-Vigor-des-Mézerets that is not included in the distance given as well as a clue to what might possibly be a sad tale of loss.


Distance - 6.8 kms

On this walk, from the other side of the Druance valley you the chance to see if you can spot the gite in the distance.  It is possible from a couple of places if you know where to look. It has a few short road sections and two hill climbs. In winter the section near the River Druance becomes a stream so sturdy and waterproof footwear is advised and a short diversion is given if needed.

Autumn countryside view, Normandy

The River Druance, Normandy

Chapel at Marsangle, Normandy, France

View towards Eco-Gites of Lenault, Normandy

Eglise de Saint Vigor-des-Mézerets, Normandie

Image credit - Ikmo-ned, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Calvaire, Saint Vigor-des-Mézerets, Normandie

Toddler shoes on a roadside cross near Saint Vigor-des-Mézerets, Normandy

Route for Saint-Vigor-des-Mézerets

Walk out of our back gate and turn right onto the footpath. This is GR221, a long distance path which goes from Pont D'Ouilly to Coutances.

At the T-junction turn left and walk down the valley.

When you reach the road turn right and at the next junction bear left towards Vassy and Saint-Vigor-des-Mézerets.

Carry straight on and cross over the River Druance (a good spot to play Pooh Sticks!)

The tiny hamlet on your right is Marsangle and includes an old water mill and small chapel.

Continue up the hill and after one house a one field take the path on your left.  This path takes you up the opposite side of the Druance valley and it is possible to see the gite from certain points, if you know where to look!

At the road turn right then take the first right turn and wind through this part of the village.

Cross over the next road.

To visit the church turn right here and walk up into the main part of this small village before returning and continuing your walk.  The church of Saint-Vigor-des-Mézerets is unusual for the region and besides a few modern windows and an addition to the east, it is otherwise entirely of the 15th century.  It houses several listed works of art including a 14th century baptismal font and a 15th century statue of Saint Vigor.

Continue along this path until you reach the road. Turn right.

Continue a short distance and turn right onto the path next to the roadside cross.

Roadside crosses, called calvaires, are common through France and I will write more about them in a later blog post.  This cross has a poignant addition in that more often than not a pair of toddler shoes are placed at the base of the cross. I have never found out why but wonder if they are put there by some-one who gives thanks for a child saved or perhaps, more sadly, prays for a lost child.

Take this path back down into the valley. In the valley bottom the path bends to the right but take the small sometimes slightly overgrown path straight on and continue up to the road.  This path is a stream and in winter can be completely flooded. If you wish to miss out the flooding continue on the main path to the road and turn left.

Turn left at the road. Walk down the hill and cross over the River Druance again.

Where the road forks, take the left fork marked Lénault.

Just after the junction take the path on your left up the side of the valley.  Continue to the top of the hill and cross a small road then after 20m turn left onto the road.

Take the next right marked La Fosse and La Grippey and walk down to the farmyard passing Will to Go Park on your right.

Will to Go Park is a home to a pack of huskies whose owner organises sled rides through the local countryside as well as arange of dog related activities such as cani-cross (cross country running with your dog), cani-VTT (cycling with your dog) and cani-obstacle courses.

Continue through the farmyard and at The Grippey turn right onto the path. Follow the path down to the stream, cross the stream and head up the hill. At the La Caucesserie waymarker turn left and after one field turn left into our back gate.


Route for the Saint Vigor-des-Mézerets walk

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