2106 - the Year of M

In the Chinese calendar 2016 is the Year of The Monkey.  In France it is the Year of the M.


Don't be!

It is simply that in France it is traditional to name pets born in any given year accordning to the letter for that year and for 2016 that means the letter M. (2017 will be N and so on and so forth).

There are even leaflets available with helpful suggestions.  No doubt then, there will be lots of male puppies and kittens called Milord, Meo, and Monster this year with females called Moussaka, Mistake and Malice ... all suggestions on the leaflet I picked up at the vet.

Of our pets, Henry was born in the UK before we had any idea of this tradition.  Saari, by her age, should have had a name beginning with C but she came already named and to be honest I can't think of a C name that would suit her.  When we got our outdoor cats we did name them "correctly " which is why in this picture you'll see Firkin, Foggy and Fumée all enjoying the sunshine last summer on our deck chairs!

How did you come by your pet's name?  And if you had to name them beginning with M, what would you chose?