2 Naughty Piglets


These 2 piglets are in TROUBLE!  About 10 days ago they broke out of their lovely big field into the small one next door ... a case of grass being greener on the other side.   Simon fixed the fence and we put them back where they should have been although Pumpkin (to the left) thought going via the strawberry patch would be a good ides.  Obviously the grass was still greener on the other side and the next day they broke in somewhere else.  This time we fixed the fence and then left them in the small field.

Naughty piglets at Eco-Gites of Lenault, a holiday cottage in Normandy

Were they happy?  Were they 'eck.  After stuffing their faces all day they grunted and groaned, huffed and puffed and obviously wanted to go back to the other field.  As we didn't really want then in the small field anyway, the boys and I spent an hour making the fence-line pig-proof, tying on pallets etc and the piglets seemed happy enough back where they should be ... or at least they knew when they were beaten.

I then had to go to England unexpectedly and got a phone call from Simon on the first night.

"You know that pig fencing you and the boys put up?" he said.

"Oh no", I replied, "They've not broken through have they?"

"No .... but they did have fun playing with the roll of bailer twine you left in the field!!!"

Tangled baler twine

Apparently it was stretched out all over the field.

Naughty piglets!